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9025166 Somfy Sonesse Ultra WireFree Plug-in Charger

Somfy Wirefree Ultra Lithium-ion Battery Extension Cable is compatible with the following Lithium-ion Rechargeable Motors and External Battery

Somfy Sonesse Ultra Roll Up R24 Wirefree Motors - 1240278
Somfy Sonesse R28 Ultra Wirefree Motor- 1003297
Somfy Sonesse 30 Ultra Wirefree Motor- 1003310
Somfy Sonesse R40 Ultra Wirefree Motor -1240485
Somfy External Lithium-ion Battery Pack- 9021217

For use with Somfy rechargeable lithium-ion motors.
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Lithium-Ion Charger Extension Cable

Lithium-Ion Charger Extension Cable

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Lithium-Ion Charger Extension Cable - 94.5 inch (9021016)
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